Benefits of a well connected personal network

Benefits of a well connected personal network

Written by Jamie Douraghy

What can the right network do for you?

For many years I've attended roundtables hosted by Carl Terzian. What Carl does so effectively, is bring business leaders together with non-profits to help build their boards, that in turn create impact. Carl has done this successfully for many decades and has built an entire network with a chief aim to build the greater LA community from within.

One of his key icebreakers is to have the participants "share the front and back" of their business cards, with the front being what they do and the back being who they are. He encourages everyone to spend more time on the back of the card, as what matters most is who you are vs. what you do. More importantly, Carl always expresses why it is important for this group of individuals to be together at this moment in time. By adding the why to the who and the what, he   creates a platform of understanding that sets the tone for action within our communities.

A few pointers to build networks that last:

  1. Make sure the why is clear. Why does this network exist and what's its purpose? Is the messaging aligned with the why?
  2.  Set consistent rhythms, agendas and expectations. 
  3. Have an established process and bring something unique to the gathering.
  4. Create an environment that fosters dialog and encourages collaboration.
  5. Facilitate a bonding experience that provides insight and understanding.

What do your networks provide and what can you bring to your networks to make sure they stay relevant over time?

 Jamie is the founder of Life Work Integration, a process that integrates passion with purpose and vision. You can reach him at & via twitter @jdouraghy

Benefits of a well connected personal network
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