How Others Might (mis)Interpret Your Message

How Others Might (mis)Interpret Your Message

Written by Jamie Douraghy

How you see yourself, may not be how others see you.........

After a productive client meeting, on a steamy LA day, merging onto the infamous 405 to begin the crawl back to the office, the above image came into view. My first impression, (apparently you only get one chance to make "a good first one"), was how negatively I interpreted their messaging with the visual image and tag line they selected. Now, this is a major brand with a major product, whose goal is to brighten and add color to our otherwise dull abodes. This made me wonder why approve a brand message that, (to me) looked as if they were drowning the world with red paint?

They probably never saw it.

And, this made me think about my own personal messaging. How do I come across to others? I know that when I am standing and listening with intent, I tend to cross my arms (just look at my own profile picture!). Which, per the body language experts, is an indication that I am closed off from the very person I believe I am giving my full attention to. This is something that as a coach, I need to work on. I guess I never saw it before.

So, this opened a series of questions for me:

What are the ways in which you might be unaware of your company's, or your own personal brand's interpretation?

What are potential blind spots when expressing your external message?

How do you message to those around you, and more importantly how is it received by your audience?

Why is this awareness important?

And finally,

How did you interpret the above image when you first saw it?

How Others Might (mis)Interpret Your Message
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