Lost in the Art of Confusion

Lost in the Art of Confusion

Written by Jamie Douraghy

Today, while checking numerous digital sources to increase my information, intellect and inspiration, I became confused. Here I was, reading great quotes, ideas and action items that would help me sort through how to plan for the future, and now the waters were murky.

Aside from the volume of information coming at me, what caused my confusion was the mixed messaging around the simultaneous importance and irrelevance of "strategy" in business. Since it came from two major corporate and entrepreneurial "advice givers", I had to pause.

First I read this:

And then, a few minutes later there was this one:

I found the contrast between the two interesting and now see why so many business leaders feel like characters in Genesis's Land of Confusion video from the 80s! While it's important to be seeking new and better ways to improve, the constant pursuit itself can become very distracting, as those who seek to bring us clarity often obfuscate the art of consulting with the art of words.

This small statement from a poster for a Margritte exhibit last year suddenly made sense through all the clutter:


What mysteries and improvements can you uncover within your own daily, "ordinary" routines, vs. seeking it from the ever changing land of confusion?

Lost in the Art of Confusion
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