Written by Jamie Douraghy

Often after a few weeks of consistent traveling to speak or facilitate workshops, I feel both physically and mentally misaligned. It’s often the result of sitting in confined spaces, hunching over a laptop, taking a quick bite to eat and sitting in the back of a speeding cab to be on time to sit in a middle seat during that next flight to that next city.

Physically it takes some time to get back and realign, and thankfully the physical part can easily taken care of by someone else. Depending on where, the misalignment is located, a chiropractor can align my spine, a massage can help those aching muscles, or an acupuncturist can pinpoint that pain.

So, how does one align internally?

Since I was on the road this entire week, I asked some fellow travelers, what were their quick tricks to check in and realign with themselves mentally once they were back home and needed to reestablish their routines with energy.

Here are a few things they shared:

  1. Make a point of really catching up on sleep.
  2. Close my mind and meditate during midday.
  3. Create a task list with priorities, to get things out of my head & onto paper.
  4. Connect with nature.
  5. Go snorkeling where there I can connect with my environment.
  6. Be alone, no noise allowed.
  7. Engage in conversations that stimulate.
  8. Pick up that paintbrush, or camera that I keep looking at and create.
  9. Play my guitar for no one else but me.
  10. Pick up a piece of sports equipment that I have neglected for too long, and go out and play.
  11. Write
  12. Walk in the sun.

Thought the full image of this sculpture at a train station in Italy would make more sense as to the title I chose......

How do you realign physically and mentally?

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