The Beauty of Being in the Now

The Beauty of Being in the Now

Written by Jamie Douraghy

How often do we miss what is in front of us?

On Sunday we were in downtown LA sharing the beauty of what our city has to offer to some out of town guests. We walked around a revitalized Broadway and explored the interior beauty of the Bradbury Building amongst many other man made landmarks.

24 hours later we were at Lake Powell, being shown the beauty that surrounded us, as we were now the out of town guests. We walked around the area and then descended into one  of the most amazing nature made landmarks I've ever experienced:  Antelope Canyon.

The feeling of being inside the slot canyon was very similar to walking into the lobby of that historic building. In both cases,  a lot of exterior noise and activity, was shut out by the silence and beauty of the moment.

 I found these 2  pictures fascinating; as side by side, they demonstrate the contrast of the physical location with the beauty of the moment.

How to best appreciate the now:

  1. Focus on the quiet and listen, (even in a loud city).
  2. Slow down your intensity and your energy.
  3. Establish a connection with your surrounding.
  4. Share it with someone next to you, (digitally connected friends can wait). 

This feeling of the being in the now truly resonated on our return trip home. We headed back by boat, passing through numerous majestic sandstone cliffs and mesas that dominated the skyline, 4 hours later we were  stuck in LA commuter traffic.  In the past, when going from being surrounded by tranquility and nature to a noisy and congested city, I would default to the negativity of the moment, forgetting that we were contributing towards filling up the very same limited real estate that all the cars around us were. This time, I just took it all in.

The key learning was how my mind was able to be in the moment and  appreciative of the 2 contrasting  scenes as they played out in front of us.

What beauty can you find by being in the now?

  Jamie is the founder of Life Work Integration, a process that integrates passion with purpose and vision. You can reach him at & via twitter @jdouraghy

The Beauty of Being in the Now
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