The Path of Leadership

The Path of Leadership

Written by Jamie Douraghy

What does leadership mean to you?

During the course of our lives we often step onto the path of leadership. At times we are asked to lead, other times we step up on our own. For some it's completely natural, and they thrive in the role. For others, it doesn't seem right at the time, and they step off.

There are such broad interpretations of leadership, supported by thousands of lists of: "Top 10 Leadership Does and Don'ts", that it becomes an arduous task to even try and house all of this on a single posting. So, it is best for me to share my concept of leadership, based my own experience and through my lens. I've had the privilege of serving as a volunteer leader with EO for 11 years at local, national and global levels, and have learned much from my peers and leaders of leaders. Here are a few key takeaways for this post and I will share more over time:

Leadership begins with self.

Have a positive influence.

Be aware of what energy you bring.

Address and take care of problems.

Have awareness of things as they happen.

Know how to resolve conflict

If you are not certain in your moves, people will follow that uncertainty.

Leadership requires love and respect which leads to stronger relationships. People need to have a sense that they are in it with you. They are not in it foryou.

Think like a leader, be able to openly ask yourself: "What is truly important and what is distraction?"

As Simon Sinek recently said: "Leadership is not about being in charge; it's about taking responsibility for those in your charge."

What is your leadership journey so far and how has it changed you?

The Path of Leadership
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