Three Things We Can Control Everyday

Three Things We Can Control Everyday

Written by Jamie Douraghy

I was rereading notes from a session with my mentor that reminded me about some simple things that we can begin our day with, before we we let the world in. I had noted that if we control and manage these 3 things every day, we can increase our capacity to accomplish more in everything we do:


So how so we do this effectively? Here are a few starters to consider:

Take time in the morning to reflect and to focus in a way that drives you towards your purpose.

Begin the morning with 0 digital intrusions. These must remain off. Do you control the switch on the device, or does that device control the switch in your brain?

Commit to a different routine, and make choices that bring you closer to accomplishing your goals.

Develop the ability to be proactive and create opportunities.

We all have the same amount of time to live; 24 hours per day. That's all we have. Within this allotted time, how effectively we manage our mindset and energy will determine the number of opportunities we create in life. This energy must be measured against our own individual capacity, not against the capacity of others. It's what gives us the edge for everything we undertake each and every day.

It all starts with our mind and how we choose to set it for the day. One of these daily applications is the 10/10/10 process. These 10 minute increments consist of thinking, reading and writing. The key to the reading, is that the content needs to be uplifting and thought provoking vs. business books, or the news. We follow that by writing down where our thoughts are now, and what we just learned from the reading. This will help prepare the mind, that then sets the capacity for the energy to be used within the time we have during our day(s).

Some of the books I'm currently learning from:

  • The Power of Habit
  • Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
  • Mastery

In conclusion:

Ultimately, the capacity for our lives will be determined by our level of energy, which we set from the moment our eyes open, to let in those very first thoughts of the day.

What mindset do you start your day with?

Three Things We Can Control Everyday
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