When Leadership Has Direction.

When Leadership Has Direction.

Written by Jamie Douraghy

When you are certain in your moves, people will follow with certainty.

As leaders, we often carry around a lot on our minds. This adds to the already heavy load of responsibilities we are accountable for on a daily basis. At times, this can cloud our free thought and subsequent decision making. For this posting, I thought I'd share some lessons learned about the importance of being clear on direction.

Know when to course correct, and how to stay on track.

When a direction changes, those that do the work must learn new skills. Applying these new skills will bring new results.

Avoid being pulled in multiple directions. Determine what is important vs. what is urgent, and delegate accordingly.

Surround yourself with confident people. Clarity in roles and expectations is essential to team success. Build on the concept that confidence comes from working on the process and being in the moment.

Enjoy the challenge, embrace the unknown and jump into the deep end. Most leaders already know how to swim.

If the result is a loss, learn from it. If the result is a victory, celebrate the moment, and learn from it. In either case, move on to what is next needed of you as a leader.

We all lead and follow at different times. Be able to sense the right time to be at the front and the right time to be at the back.

The simplest and best visual example I can share, was on a family hike along the hilly shorelines of Northern CA, when the fog suddenly rolled in and our sense of direction was lost. We strayed from one of the many well worn paths we were following and became confused as to where to go next. Fortunately, our brother (with the aid of his trusted dog) was able to find the right way, and confidently pointed out the new direction we needed to head in, and we followed........

How do you manifest certainty in the direction you are leading yourself, your family, your business and your community?

When Leadership Has Direction.
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