Our Two Minds: The Warrior and the Critic.

Our Two Minds: The Warrior and the Critic.

Written by Jamie Douraghy

As a competitor and sports enthusiast, I've experienced being close to winning only to let it slip away, and being close to winning and letting nothing slip away. With each new undertaking I've learned from the different coaches/instructors along the way. One instructor I gained a lot from is Eric Oram. Over the years he has shared great insights that I continue to refer to time and again. I'd like to share a key one that resonated the most:

You have two minds when you undertake anything: (life, business and sports are three quick examples we all understand). These two minds are that of the Warrior and that of the Critic.

Here are a few observations:

  • The Warrior leads, the Critic recedes.
  • The Warrior has flow, the Critic is blocked.
  • The Warrior is a guide, the Critic is lost.
  • The Warrior has focus, listens and responds, the Critic reacts.
  • The Warrior has a determined mindset, the Critic has an angry mindset.
  • The Warrior is clear on purpose, the Critic is distracted from purpose.
  • The Warrior is quiet in mind and body, the Critic rants.
  • The Warrior understands humility, the Critic does not.

Which mindset takes over when you're under pressure?


Our Two Minds: The Warrior and the Critic.
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